2012 Season Details

ALC is in the process of finalizing the 2012 season schedule, expect a first draft in the coming days. We anticipate the first game this weekend so please be prepared.


  • Dues will be $225 for rookies (or vets that need uniforms) and $175 for vets.
  • No Pay, no play; Paypal can be sent to: austinlacrosseclub@gmail.com.
  • Dues exceptions can be discussed with officers.
  • Please come out early to the first game to get uniforms, roster and dues squared away


  • A D1 and D2 team will be fielded to maximize playing time.
  • There will be “intermediate” players that will be asked to play both ways depending on needs of each team.


  • Unlike a local rec league, we’re extremely competitive and┬átravel all over the state for our league games and tournaments.
  • Expect to travel to San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston at the very least.

Social Events

  • The team will pick up the bar tabs at post game┬árendezvous, host weekend parties, etc when we can; we try to keep the team close knit.
  • We’re actively looking for bar sponsorships.

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