The Uniform

The embodiment of a team that is uniquely Austin. In the “City of the Violet Crown,” One team stand apart from from the rest.

Purple and Gold:

Here’s why we chose this color scheme:

  1. Unique Identity: We wanted our team to stand out from the crowd and have a distinct visual identity. We did extensive market research (4 dudes Googling other teams at a bar) to identify the colors of other post collegiate mens lacrosse teams. Purple and gold stood our as an an underutilized color combination. Our unconventional choice ensures that our team is easily recognizable and leaves a lasting impression on players, fans, and the lacrosse community.
  2. Symbolism of Prestige: Purple has long been associated with nobility, prestige, and royalty. By incorporating purple into our team colors, we aim to embody those values and communicate our commitment to excellence. It represents our aspirations to reach the highest levels of performance and conduct ourselves with regal elegance both on and off the field. Gold, on the other hand, signifies success, triumph, and achievement. It symbolizes our relentless pursuit of victory and the pursuit of greatness.
  3. Unity and Team Spirit: Colors can profoundly impact team spirit and foster a sense of unity. Purple and gold evoke a strong feeling of camaraderie among our players, reinforcing our shared goals and identity. These colors serve as a unifying force that brings our team together, creating a sense of pride and belonging among our players.
  4. Visibility and Recognition: The combination of purple and gold is visually striking, ensuring that our team is easily noticed and recognized. It allows our jerseys, merchandise, and branding to stand out from the rest. The vibrant colors attract attention, making it easier for fans to spot and support us during games and tournaments. The distinctive purple and gold combination ensures that our presence is both memorable and impactful.
  5. Local Pride: Texas was part of Mexico in the 1830s. Settlers founded the village and named it Waterloo in 1837. They would change the name of the settlement in 1839 to Austin. The settlers chose Austin to honor the legacy of Stephen F. Austin, often considered the “Father of Texas.” In the 19th century, Austin was called the “City of the Violet Crown” after the colorful violet glow of light coming across the hills at sunset.

Armadillo Motif:

At the Austin Lacrosse Club, we take great pride in our unique team mascot – the armadillo. Wondering why we chose this remarkable creature to represent our team? Allow us to share the reasons behind our decision:

  1. Embracing Local Pride: As a team deeply rooted in the vibrant Austin area, we wanted a mascot that would truly reflect our local identity. What better choice than the armadillo, a creature that calls Texas home? By embracing the armadillo, we symbolize our strong connection to the region.
  2. Resilience and Defensive Strength: Armadillos are renowned for their protective armor – a shield that safeguards them against the challenges they encounter. In the sport of lacrosse, resilience and defensive prowess are paramount. By adopting the armadillo as our mascot, we embody these qualities, demonstrating our team’s unwavering determination, toughness, and ability to defend our goals.
  3. Standing Out with Uniqueness: The armadillo is a fascinating and distinct creature, making it an excellent choice to set us apart from other teams. We wanted a mascot that would leave a lasting impression on fans, opponents, and the entire community. The armadillo’s unconventional nature ensures that our team remains unforgettable and instantly recognizable.
  4. Adaptability and Versatility: Armadillos possess a remarkable adaptability to their surroundings. This attribute resonates deeply with the game of lacrosse, which demands quick thinking, versatility, and the ability to adjust strategies on the fly. By embracing the armadillo, we symbolize our team’s capacity to adapt and thrive in any situation, regardless of the challenges we face.
  5. Community Connection: Armadillos hold a special place in the hearts of Texans, representing a beloved and treasured part of the local ecosystem. By choosing the armadillo as our mascot, we forge a meaningful connection with our community. It’s an opportunity for fans and supporters to rally behind us, united by their love for our team and their affinity for this beloved Texan creature.