D1 Drops Season Opener

The ALC D1 team dropped their season opener to the Dallas Cowboys after jumping to an early first half lead. A strong surge from the Cowboys in the third was enough to overcome the deficit and secure the ‘W’. The final score was 11-10.

Lacrosse Happy Hour

The local women’s club team is hosting a happy hour Tuesday the 4th of December. Festivities will kick off at 5:30PM at Billy’s on Burnet.

Billy’s on Burnet
2105 Hancock Dr
Austin TX 78756

ALC D2 Falls Short

The ALC D2 lacrosse team came up short in a hard fought battle against PBR Lite on Saturday in the SWLA Championships. PBR was able to capture an early lead before ALC surged back in the third quarter to pull within one. In the end PBR Lite proved too much and captured the trophy with a 13-11 win.

When asked after the game what he though of his teams performance, the ALC self proclaimed captain and coach Hubert exclaimed ‘they all sucked…I HATE TO LOSE’ before storming off the field with his middle finger in the air.

ALC hopes to rebound from this loss and get back to TV and beer on the weekends.

SWLA Championship Weekend

The SWLA championships are going to be held this weekend, June 2-3, at Westlake High School. ALC D2 and D1 have a chance to secure the trophies this weekend after stellar seasons by both teams. When asked what he thought of ALC’s chances Minnow, ALC’s budding MVP and leading scorer stated “this has been the best season I can remember in the past 50 years, not only do I expect to win, I expect to roll!!”

The weekend schedule is below.



D1 Semi                         2:30pm  – PBR – Sharks

D1 Semi                         4:00pm – ALC D1 vs Big D

D2 Championship       5:30pm – PBR LITE vs ALC D2


D1 Consolation           11:00pm – TBD

D1 Championship      1:00pm   – TBD


Following the games on Saturday there will be a league party hosted at Lavaca St Bar.